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Alrighty, it's time for a fresh, new, sparkling contest! :iconpandaballoonplz:

This time, you are to fill out and submit this meme---->

I picked this one in the hopes it will give you a challenge!~

Here are the rules~:

1. Contestants have two weeks to fill it out and submit it.
2. It must be something NEW, nothing old.
3. Not only I, but my family members will be judging the submissions.
4. As the actual meme says, "No emo sitting poses".
5. Your submissions will most likely be apt to win if they are colored.
6. No late submissions will be accepted.
7. You must submit your submission for the contest to the "Box Meme Contest" folder.
8. In your deviation, you must state that it is for the Genesis-Artistry or :icongenesis-artistry: Box Meme Contest.
9. Only one submission per deviant, please.
10. You are allowed to do animals, humans, robots, anthropormorphic creatures, etcetera, etcetera.
11. You must comment on this journal if you are planning to enter. (So I can have a rough estimate of the numbers.)
12. The contest will NOT be extended.
13. The character MUST be touching 3 sides of the box, if not, your submission will disqualified!

You have from now:

11/8/12~11/22/12 at THIS time: 6:00PM eastern standard time, to submit your entries.


:iconrailmachanic: has offered to donate points, so more winning positions have opened up! Go give him a llama, members!

Grand Prize Winner:

1. Group "Spotlight Feature" at the top right of the group home page.
2. Group Feature Journal.
3. Llama.
4. 175 points.

Second Place Winner:
2.130 points.

Third Place Winner:
2.110 points.

Fourth Place Winner:
1. Llama.
2. 85 points.

Now, some people seem to have become perturbed with the results of the last contest. Just to let you know, my family doesn't really seem to judge on skill, ability, or "how nice or fancy it looks". They look at them and tell me the ones they like, or catch their eye, the best. So please keep in mind, that even if you think your submission is of better quality than other submissions, DO NOT assume you will win. My family may end up suprising you. If you don't place, just wait to enter the next contest, for another chance to win. (By the way, I am the only one in my family to actually like anime and cartoony things. If you make your entry just to woo me and sway my vote, it doesn't neccessarily mean it will my family.)

I hope we have many entrants, I would love to see what you all come up with!~ :iconfeelingfreeplz:

I wish you luck!~


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